Smart advertising

Smart Advertising

  • Today, the power of advertising is so obvious that many companies and organizations have fully realized the importance of this issue and allocated an annual budget for this purpose. Large companies and professional organizations have developed a unit of marketing and advertising in order to promote their products and services with the assistance of this department and increase their sales. Hence, to spread and promote science in addition to developing scientific-research cooperation, relying on the capacities of its site,, the scientific information center has allocated a proper space purposing to promote products, services, announcing scientific events or introducing brands, etc. This database has always been utilized by users and has experienced more than 120,000 daily visits, showing the significance of this scientific database, as "the only Open Access bank and reference database of scientific information in the country", to researchers and enthusiasts of various scientific fields. Specialized institutions and owners of knowledge-based products, etc., can benefit from the advertising services of this database, such as smart banners on the site, text ads, and advertorials.

Advertising capacities on the center site:
• Publishing advertisements for special scientific-research activities and knowledge-based products in scientific articles related to the subject area.
• Advertising cells on the main pages of specialized banks with the most referrals • Introducing events and conferences in the introduction section of scientific events
• Publishing advertorial on the blog of the center
• Special introduction and presentation of workshops and training courses
• Sending newsletters and invitations to the top researchers of the country, according to the subject areas
• Special introduction of the pillars and scientific outcomes of specialized organizations and centers To receive further information about advertising on the most visited bank and open access citation database of the country, please contact the advertising expert
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